Monday, July 23, 2012

Tommy Chong Tweets that he is 99% cancer-free, thanks to Hemp (Cannabis) oil

Tommy Chong on Twitter Tommy Chong on CNN earlier in June 2012


Eamon said...

I've recently started a campaign to educate the Australian public on marijuana decriminalisation and I must say that I'm pleasantly stunned by this news. For one, that Tommy is on our decriminalising boat, but I also had no idea that hemp oil could be used to treat cancer - this adds another whole dimension to the cause! I've read a couple of articles recently, as you've discussed in your blog, about the recent medical discoveries of cannabis, but I've also read reports contradicting their claims. It seems though that hemp oil is pretty legit, do you know how it works at all?

Cannabis Man said...

Yes and no I have posted many articles on the workings of cannabis, and not being a scientist I could not give you specifics , I suggest som Pubmed reading which should explain how it works for different cancers and illnesses using our own in build endocannabanoid systems, should provide you with scientific answers

urban said...

Hi to yall out there
I'm new to this site have only just found you. Thank you so much for the information.
I am an epileptic & have been since i was 11. I have been taking medication (Epilem & lamictal) for such a long time its now starting to take its toll with some of its side effects. I have searched for more natural things, coconut oil, blackstrap molasses. I take them but am still scared to come off the meds as i been relying on them for so long. I would love some information on the medical marijuana / oil. More so is there some one out there that i contact to talk to. I'm sorry if i'm so forward as i'm new to this blog but my meds have really started to bug me on lots o levels not just mine but my families.
I have been a big advocator for marijuana on all levels.

Thanks for you time looking forward to hearing from some body