Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Raw Cannabis Powerful Antioxident & Healing Property's

Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shotAlthough the results may not be shocking to everyone, many people on the planet are just starting to wake up to the tremendous medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany just discovered that the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system triggers the release of antioxidants that act as a cleansing mechanism. This process is known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy sources that powers cells. The study was published in the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, B (1).
There is also a large amount of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis can also be an effective treatment, and even a potential cure for cancer. We provided a list of 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer(2). We already know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year and that a plant-based diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths. It’s time to loose our stigmatism about cannabis, the only reason we’ve been made to look at it in a negative manner is because it would threaten multiple industries (including the pharmaceutical industry). Cannabis along with hemp has over 50,000 uses and could help transform our world.
Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system(2). While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular thought and belief, smoking the cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients which are the cannabinoids.
Another aspect of smoking the cannabis that must be looked at is the fact that when the cannabis is heated and burnt it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC which changes its ability to be therapeutic. Furthermore, anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body. That oxidation is not healthy for the body and can lead to health issues itself. This is why anti-oxidents are an important part of any healthy diet.

Friday, March 8, 2013

HEMP Party Australia

Vote 1 HEMP this september 7 on the federal election  to re-legalise and regulate Cannabis for personal, medical and industrial uses in Australia.

The HEMP Party is an organisation with the aim of endorsing candidates to contest elections to the Federal Parliament of Australia. Any person on the electoral roll and eligible to vote in elections to the Parliament is eligible to become a member of the HEMP Party. There are no initial or annual membership fees.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

MardiGrass 2013

 Nimbin MardiGrass May 4th & 5th 2013

MardiGrass plans are up and running but it will be different this year! The MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) was asked if the annual event was a protest or a festival by the Lismore Mayoress no less. We were in no doubt about the answer.

There will be changes but nothing is written in ink yet and we are still negotiating with Lismore Council over details. Sibley Street may not be closed and the glorious new skate park has halved the traditional HEMP Olympix Arena, but the real point of MardiGrass - Cannabis Law Reform - remains more real than ever.

The helicopters have been buzzing the area recently and if we needed reminding that the drug war steams on unabated, the chopper crew did a good job.

“War is over if you want it”, said John and Yoko, and we certainly want it to be over. The meetings have been unanimous in wanting to bring back the seriousness of how much cannabis prohibition stuffs up peoples lives so unnecessarily.

We begin our protest this year on Tuesday the first of May, with Occupy Lismore Court House, where so many lives are disrupted by the drug war, before we proceed to the Police Station (next door!), then to Federal MP Janelle Saffins Office, and finally local NSW MP Thomas Georges Office.

Letters will be delivered to the politicians asking for change on the cannabis laws, asking them to have another look at these laws and what effect they have on the community. Do they really believe that we are criminals? NO.

Yet these two are our government representatives in Parliament and they both support the war against us. They both support criminalising us for using a plant from nature! And they both have children in trouble from the drug war!

Why is Australia being left behind on drug law reform? The Greens seem spooked by the matter even though it is a social justice issue of paramount importance. Under our present antiquated political system, if the Prime Minister said, ‘let's trial medical cannabis’, the opposition would hysterically scream, ‘she wants to give away heroin’. The madness emanating from government and media over this issue is no different from the attitudes of the 1950s!

We need leaders with vision to sit in a circle and examine the facts and make decisions that are good for society. Good for happiness levels! We are still competing with each other like animals, when to make things better, we need to smart animals!

Tickets for MardiGrass are for sale on the website and we recommend you purchase now if you want a campsite. The 2012 draft program will keep changing.

This year we are looking for some special skills amongst our volunteers - particularly local volunteers - Traffic Controllers will be treated like gold, Jungle Patrol will again provide their exemplary service and needs local members in particular, as does CLOG the Civil Liberties Observer Group.

We always need and love artists and painters, experienced camera operators, cooks and kitchen hands, Bud Babes [both men and women] and Ganja Faeries, people we can trust to collect donations. Volunteer coordinators are needed and anyone with Woodford experience could be handy. There is a message book in the Embassy where you can write down your contact details etc, or phone 66891842 or email

MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) meetings are on the back verandah of the HEMP Embassy every Friday now from 5 pm, and everyone is welcome. If you have an event or something you want to see happen, let us know sooner rather than later.



CANNABIS KILLS CANCER!! Here is a massive list of cannabis extract testimonials (plus how to make oil). Steve Placek The official website! Rebecca Forbes (Adrenal mass ) Lindsay Bunn Rogers (Inoperable Mass on Thyroid) Rob O Rourke (bowel cancer) (Parkinson's) (AIDS) (Cystic Fibrosis) (Cured: A Cannabis Story - Skin Cancer) (Cured Too: A Cannabis Story - Various) (Vitamin Cannabis) (Skin cancer) (Crohn's [Shona Banda]) (Crohn's) (Crohn's) (Neck cancer, news report) (Leaf - Lupus and Brain Cancer) (Gout, arthritis, assorted) (Third-degree burn) (Burn Part 2) (Jack Herer diabetes) (Man standing up from wheel chair) (Cancer and Lupus Success) (Back pain) (Gerard) (Ashley) (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) (Diabetic Ulcer) (Michael McShane and another woman) (MS, RA, mesothelioma [three cases]) (Lupus assorted) (Prostate cancer [Dennis Hill]) (Crohn's, Linzy) (Lupus) (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) (Severe Pain/Cancer, Cancer, Arterial Heart Disease, Severe Pain) (Lung Cancer) (Multiple sclerosis) (Multiple sclerosis) (Lyme Disease) (Diabetes) (Skin Cancer [Melanoma]) (Esophageal Cancer) (Malaria/PTSD/Anxiety) (Various Cancers; 2:19:00 to 2:22:00; testimonial for cannabis infused coconut oil immediately follows) (Leukemia - Overview of Bob Crouse's condition) (Diabetes/Pain) (Diabetes and Brain Cancer) (Thyroid Issues) (Burn) (Skin Cancer) (Skin Cancer) (Skin Cancer) (Pancreatic Cancer/PTSD - Incomplete but Going Well) (Severe burn)

News Stories and Posts: (epilepsy) (root therapy) (leukemia) (Assorted - Skin Cancer, Burn, Diabetic Wounds, Arthritis/Gout, Chronic Pain, Migraines) (Stage IV Prostate/Bladder/Lymph Node Cancer) (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) (Bowel Cancer) (Form of Breast Cancer) (8 month old cancer elimination) (includes 8 month old story of cancer elimination and use of oil for controlling severe seizures in young boy Jayden, discussion of terminal cancer patient cured with raw cannabis leaf juicing [not even any buds!]) (Terminal Breast Cancer) (Terminal Cancer) (Colorectal Cancer)

"Run From The Cure" a Rick Simpson Story
How to Make the Oil (From Rick Simpson/Phoenix Tears)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Face of Propaganda ? NCPIC

This is another of the people who are spreading propaganda about cannabis and doing their best to ensure that you are unable to recieve the safe, natural medicine. Cannabis has numerous medical benefits and has been proven to be safe e.g this list proves that.
Yet people like Professor Jan Copeland Director of NCPIC ( National Cannabis Prevention & 'miss' Information Center) continue to slam safe cannabis in any way they can. People are learning the truth for themselves, thanks in part to the vast array of information that can be accessed at the click of a mouse. Dont believe the lies and propaganda, Cannabis is safe enough for everyone including our children.

Jan Copeland Propaganda Expert BSc (Psych) (Hons), PhD, MAPS

Jan Copeland is the founding Professor and Director of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) at the University of NSW. She has a strong national and international reputation as a leading researcher in the development of brief interventions for cannabis related problems. She has also developed major programs of research in the development of treatment outcome monitoring systems; development of treatment models for substance dependent women; and aspects of psychostimulants. She works with a number of community based agencies on service evaluations and executive management. She is currently supervising a number of doctoral students at NCPIC. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Association, Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and Drugs, and the US College on Problems of Drug Dependence where she serves as the Chair of their International Research Committee. She is on the Editorial Board of a number of international journals and is an Associate Editor of Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

VOTE 1 HEMP and stop the propaganda

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cannabinoids, like those found in Cannabis, occur naturally in human breast milk

Friday, July 20, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer from
Woven into the fabric of the human body is an intricate system of proteins known as cannabinoid receptors that are specifically designed to process cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary active components of marijuana. And it turns out, based on the findings of several major scientific studies, that human breast milk naturally contains many of the same cannabinoids found in marijuana, which are actually extremely vital for proper human development.

Cell membranes in the body are naturally equipped with these cannabinoid receptors which, when activated by cannabinoids and various other nutritive substances, protect cells against viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other malignancies. And human breast milk is an abundant source of endocannabinoids, a specific type of neuromodulatory lipid that basically teaches a newborn child how to eat by stimulating the suckling process.

If it were not for these cannabinoids in breast milk, newborn children would not know how to eat, nor would they necessarily have the desire to eat, which could result in severe malnourishment and even death. Believe it or not, the process is similar to how adult individuals who smoke pot get the "munchies," as newborn children who are breastfed naturally receive doses of cannabinoids that trigger hunger and promote growth and development.

"[E]ndocannabinoids have been detected in maternal milk and activation of CB1 (cannabinoid receptor type 1) receptors appears to be critical for milk sucking ... apparently activating oral-motor musculature," says the abstract of a 2004 study on the endocannabinoid receptor system that was published in the European Journal of Pharmacology.

"The medical implications of these novel developments are far reaching and suggest a promising future for cannabinoids in pediatric medicine for conditions including 'non-organic failure-to-thrive' and cystic fibrosis."

Studies on cannabinoids in breast milk help further demystify the truth about marijuana

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the body -- the CB1 variety which exists in the brain, and the CB2 variety which exists in the immune system and throughout the rest of the body. Each one of these receptors responds to cannabinoids, whether it be from human breast milk in children, or from juiced marijuana, for instance, in adults.

This essentially means that the human body was built for cannabinoids, as these nutritive substances play a critical role in protecting cells against disease, boosting immune function, protecting the brain and nervous system, and relieving pain and disease-causing inflammation, among other things. And because science is finally catching up in discovering how this amazing cannabinoid system works, the stigma associated with marijuana use is, thankfully, in the process of being eliminated.

In another study on the endocannabinoids published in the journal Pharmacological Reviews back in 2006, researchers from the Laboratory of Physiologic Studies at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism uncovered even more about the benefits of cannabinoids. These include their ability to promote proper energy metabolism and appetite regulation, treat metabolic disorders, treat multiple sclerosis, and prevent neurodegeneration, among many other conditions.

With literally thousands of published studies now showing their safety and usefulness, cannabinoids, and particularly marijuana from which it is largely derived, truly are a health-promoting "super" nutrient with virtually unlimited potential in health promotion and disease prevention.

Be sure to check out how juicing raw marijuana leaves, which contain a diverse array of health-promoting cannabinoids, is an excellent non-psychoactive way to prevent and treat a host of diseases, including cancer:

Sources for this article include:

Sourced from

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cure Your Own Cancer

Cure Your Own Cancer was established with 3 main goals in mind:

-First, to spread awareness that cannabis oil (hemp oil) is a safe, natural CURE for cancer and to use that information get cannabis legalized across the world.

-Second, is to help you become a natural cancer cure advocate by providing you with knowledge and information about cannabis oil and how it treats cancer so you can pass it on to others.

-Third, to provide you with all of the information on cannabis oil you will need to help you decide how you want to treat yourself or someone you love.

So if you or someone you know is afflicted with this terrible and completely unnecessary disease, your in the right place. Unfortunately because of laws prohibiting the medical use of cannabis all across the world, we are unable to offer cannabis oil to you. We are very sorry for that, but that is why we are doing this. We are working to get cannabis legalized so that everyone can have access to this amazing medicine. Cannabis is a plant that GOD has placed on earth for us to use. No man has the right to take it from us, so we will continue to fight for this until we get our RIGHT back! Today alone approximately 20,000 people worldwide will die due to cancer. Help us end the suffering.
- See more at:

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