Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free the people, Free Cannabis, VOTE 1 HEMP

This world is so sad and depressing , when I was growing up I believed my parents where supermen and that what school and the news told me was true, then I came to realize that we live in a horrible, unjust, greedy, evil world full of liars and cheats where people are allowed to starve when there's food and die when there's medicine , medicine made illegal by the greedy, and evil men and woman of this world, I got a deep and sickly feeling inside that makes me angry, angry at people's ignorance, angry at people's selfishness and lack of love for fellow human beings. One day people will here our voices and listen, that day should have been yesterday. Legalize cannabis save yourself, save your children, save the world.  VOTE 1 HEMP

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