Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mullaway Cannabis Treaty

On the 23 of August we will be going to NSW Parliament House to hand over our terms for a treaty on cannabis.
A treaty will be drawn up and presented to the Secretary of Health as it is the Health Department that control the Growing and Possession of cannabis in NSW for medical purposes. We will be asking that person to discuss a treaty. With the help and support of the Hemp Embassy we will be asking everyone to come down and support this.
Bring a joint or we will be dispensing cannabis tincture free of charge to all who bring a letter from their doctor stating they have an illness cannabis is known to treat.
We will also be asking the NSW Health Minister to issue a Card protecting patients from harassment. This should have been done a long time ago in accordance with the TGA Special Access Scheme.
If they are unwilling to provide this medicine they cannot stop you from providing your own. This is in Law.
If the Secretary of Health will not talk, or if for some reason they do not exist, as has been implied in some correspondence, then we will be going straight to the NSW High Court. A letter of Notice has been sent to the NSW Health Department advising action will be taken on that day.
It is time to stand up and show we have the courage. Not only to help ourselves but to help others less fortunate. Lets help them have a quality of life they deserve.
Lets sit down and have a smoke or a cookie or even a home made tincture – whatever you like. Lets sit down and actually talk about the end of the 100 year war.
Anthony D Bower, Director & Founder Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd.


Anonymous said...

About time, good luck on our mission. Please pollies open your eyes and ears.
Mark NSW

Anonymous said...

Long overdue, cannabis is a medicine and not a Schedule 1 drug. Countless studies prove this over and over.
Ashka, WA