Monday, July 25, 2011

W.A Citizens feel the heat under new Cannabis laws

MAXIMUM fines for possessing small amounts of cannabis will increase more than 10 times when new Western Australian drug laws come into force on August 1.
After 2 1/2 years of promising to get tough on marijuana users, dealers and growers, the Liberal-National Government's "war on drugs" is about to begin.
The penalty for possessing less than 30g of cannabis will jump from a $100 fine to a maximum of $2000 and the possibility of two years in jail.
The penalty for growing up to two marijuana plants is a $200 fine, but that will jump to a maximum $2000 fine and prosecution with the prospect of two years behind bars for growing any number of plants.
And the penalty for businesses caught selling smoking implements to children will increase from $25,000 to a possible $120,000 and two years jail.
"We are declaring war on drugs and this is just the beginning," Police Minister Rob Johnson, pictured left, told The Sunday Times yesterday.

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