Friday, August 26, 2011

An Introduction to the Medical Benefits of Cannabis

This paper collates numerous articles on the use of Cannabis for the healing and prevention of many human diseases. Information is also provided on the Endocannabinoid System, a most import signalling and regulatory system in the human body which is supplemented by the cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. In assessing the risks and benefits of Cannabis, it must be noted that the opinions in research still range widely e.g. from the view that “Cannabis causes Cancer” to the most recent research that has proved that “Cannabis cures Cancer.”
Even though Cannabis is very effective in the treatment of many ailments, its side effects are not damaging (unlike prescription drugs), and that there is no known toxic or lethal effect in the use of Cannabis. Many activists for the legalization of Cannabis are concerned that Cannabis extracts and cannabinoid synthetics will be patented for profit by pharmaceutical companies, while the use of the plant by ordinary citizens remains illegal. Legalization for the public benefit must ensure access to the plant by all citizens, whether for recreational/preventive use or as prescribed medication for the treatment of ailments. The information provided here shows that the prohibition of Cannabis is NOT justified on the grounds of health.
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