Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Marijuana should be legal: by Anonymous

Anonymous said...
If weed is a bad drug and it grows on plants and paracetamol is a chemical made in a lab by pharmaceutical company whose only interest is having the largest profit margin possible then how bad is that. I'm sick to death of people looking down on me cause i smoke the finest. Ive heard about many people getting pissed and hitting there wife. Ive never seen someone have a smoke and go start a fight if you want to clean the streets get rid of the boose. I quit cigarettes by replacing it with green and cutting out the tobacco slowly. The only reason people say that weed is the gate way drug is you have to meet dodgy people to smoke it. There are lots of good dealers but the ones that make the money sell the addictive stuff and ice, heron, pills if you think smoking green compares to any of these things its time to get a cat scan or maybe consider doing some research before you open your mouth. More people die each year from taking an aspirin no one dies from green and most people you think it messed up shouldn't have smoked ice and been embarrassed by what everyone else things and blamed green take some respectability weed dose not affect the receptors in your brain that trigger addiction it can be habit forming but so is surfing and that just keeps me fit. If your worried about addiction then its time to put your cup of coffee down and see how long before the headaches start. The only reason weed is still illegal is because nobody is capable of thinking for themselves i mean just go look up all the side effects of alcohol and compare them to hooch its obvious which is the worse. My only hope is that one day all of my fellow stoners will stand up for there right to be free and do as the please without harming others. Just so you all know the people who want weed illegal the most is the criminal underworld that makes billions every year selling it to decent people and using the money to make our life worse. It is obvious from the alcohol prohibition that this dose not work how about we stop funding the crooks and and give the government some make money to waste on there drug war rather then educating the future generations of the real dangers of drugs because schools teach that all drugs are the same that's why so many young people smoke ice they try green and realize that its not to bad then there dealer gives them some ice to try and there hooked. So to everyone that hates green your just telling your kids to smoke ice!!!!!!!!

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