Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A letter to Cancer Australia - Cannabis Cures Cancer

A letter to "I noticed your mission statement on the front page of your site
"Our Vision
Cancer Australia's vision is to reduce the impact of cancer and improve
the well-being of those diagnosed with cancer in Australia"

I have information that suggests we can remove cancer safely from Australians permanently. I and you have available to us multiple studys, private and government and testemonies of those that have used cannabis oil's and juices to cure thier cancer

e.g MP Amanda Fazio in NSW parliment on 26/8/11 at 3:05pm "Secondly, they are demanding action to allow the use of cannabis by people with a medical certificate. Research has proven that cannabis has anti-cancer properties, and it is time that governments took this issue seriously."

and this study,_Breast_And_Lung_Cancer_Cells.html


I am sure if you really wanted to cure cancer you would have by now this information has been available for some time and new storys every day. e.g.

I really hope you take this information seriously. Australians are suffering and dying when they dont have too."

Michael Davies

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drucemeister said...

What did they say??? Did they even reply?????