Thursday, September 8, 2011

To The Cancer Council Australia - Cannabis Cures Cancer

Hi my name is Michael Davies I am a 31 year old Married  father of 5. It has come to my attention that the Cancer Council with all its money to spend ($61million in NSW over 5 years) managed to miss the fact that Cannabis has been curing peoples cancers all over the world. I have vast amounts of information on the matter and have compiled this info here: and 
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Here is a list of studies:

Sourced from:

I also have studies showing that there is no link between cannabis and psychosis.
A STUDY by North Staffordshire academics has rejected a link between smoking cannabis and an increase in mental illness.
The research found there were no rises in cases of schizophrenia or psychoses diagnosed in the UK over nine years, during which the use of the drug had grown substantially.

There is a company in Australia supplying their Cannabis tincture Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
  • Mullaway's Research has already led to groundbreaking Science in the field of Medical Cannabis and results of this Research will soon be Published. The Research opens the way for effective Medical Cannabis Dosage. Based on safe levels of Cannabis/THC consumption Mullaway's has developed easy to use Tables showing the SAFE allowable use of Cannabis.
  • This is a major breakthrough for Medical Cannabis. SAFE Cannabis Treatment Plans (for Cancer Patients for example) can now be worked out to help with the disease or symptoms. Tolerance levels can be adjusted so the Psychotropic Effect is not over whelming but manageable or pleasurable.
  • Mullaway's Research has removed the demon from the Psychotropic Effect and shows that it is a most valuable Medical Tool. The Research highlights the Psychotropic Effect is very much a pleasurable experience under most circumstances and even if large doses of Cannabis are required for a particular Treatment this can be easily managed.
  • Mullaway's Research has made it possible to for the first time to; Design, Cultivate, Trial and Evaluate Cannabis Treatments using SAFE Doses of Cannabis/THC. While the rest of the Medical Cannabis Research world tries to genetically engineer Cannabis without any THC or tries to produce a rich Blend of Cannabinoids/THC from low THC Cannabis Mullaway's Research has already produced the Jewel in the Crown of Medical Cannabis Research;
Australians would like to know what will be done with this information now that I have brought it to your attention. I consider this a life or death matter and hope  something will be done soon.

Michael Davies

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Anonymous said...

Mate i was getting ready to send a similar letter to the Cancer Council...What response have you gotten??

Please contact me asap re this issue.