Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Media Attention

I have sent emails to local Media programs telling them what i and many others have discovered about the amazing properties of Cannabis. Cannabis / Marijuana needs to be made available to the public immediately for those suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. These people are dying and no government nor man on earth has the right to tell them they cannot use nature to LIVE. Every man woman and child has the right to be healed of terminal diseases. We have a right decent people to bring the truth out and allow the world to be healed.

I will not stop until Cannabis / Marijuana is legalized and available to the public without risk of being discriminated against or even worse charged by the police for using a plant that has been used since the beginning of time up until only 80 years ago.
They cannot hide the truth forever
I will never stop and there are plenty others like me

By Michael

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