Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Second Letter to Belinda Neal still no reply

This has seriously gone beyond a joke now Cannabis /Marijuana will cure serious cancers even terminal cancer patients have been healed by the use of Hash Oil.
Dr Bob Melamede has provided medical evidence to support this as well as a heap of independent studies also. I is completely unbelievable that Cannabis is not legal and being given to testimonial patients immediately. My god people are dieing while the government stays ignorant and on the fence. Well i say to the Governments time to choose a side do you choose to continue to allow people to die when there is a proven safe cure in Cannabis or are you going to make a difference and stand up and be counted.

We are in a changing times i have accumulated a massive amount of medical information and evidence that i have been desperately trying to show the world along with god knows how many others have been trying also. I have sent emails to you with no reply.

I have also contacted there response was very dis concerning i hope they took it seriously

I have setup a website and a blog to help spread the word its time for people to stop dying and live.

I would like to know what you plan to do with this information? something needs to be done now

By Michael

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