Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Letter to Belinda Neal Local Government Minister

Dear Belinda

I am contacting you about a simple herbal cure for cancer i have found that is working. Cannabis Oil extracted from the flowers of the Cannabis Sativa l

Approximately 7.6 million people die from cancer each year according to an article titled "ACS Report Focuses on Global Cancer Toll" which was published by the American Cancer Society . I hope you can look beyond the propaganda that we have all been fed regarding Cannabis.
Extracts made from high quality Cannabis are the most therapeutically active substances imaginable if they are properly made.

Rick Simpson has used these extracts to cure three areas of skin cancer on his own body, also, He has cured cancers for others. No one seems to want to believe what this drug can do until they see its effects with their own eyes.
When the history of hemp is examined you will find medical studies done as far back as the 1960’s that state the same results as I have found in regards to this drug. This leaves us with the question, why is this drug not being produced for medicinal use? In my mind, the only reasons I can imagine would be ignorance or corruption that has held the production of this drug back. In any case neither of these reasons should be acceptable to the public under any circumstances.

I have Medical Study Reports to support my claims, witnesses and testimonial evidence.

My hopes are that this drug will start being produced on a large scale as soon as possible. Imagine adding this drug to sun tan lotions, make-up and skin creams. What would this do to cancer rates? I also believe that this drug could be used as a dietary supplement, (one a day keeps cancer away). The possible applications for this drug are almost limitless. If your organization is interested, as soon as Rick Simpson can get some high quality material to work with, He would be happy to supply you with extracts for study and testing. You will not be disappointed, this is for real. If we work together maybe we can put cancer where it belongs, (in the past).

I ask that something be done Immediately in our electorate and Australia. People are dieing when we have a safe reliable cure. The Australian government has done nothing to update research and findings world wide on cannabis and still reports propaganda on the department of health website. I have study's proving that Cannabis Is less dangerous than caffeine, aspirin, tobacco, alcohol and all these things are readily available to everyone yet i am being denied a WORKING Cure for Cancer and Other Serious Illnesses while my Government does nothing.

It will be my life's cause to make sure that everybody knows of this cure and sees the truth about Cannabis.

I look forward to your reply


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