Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sufferer insists Legalize Marijuana

Joshua Price from Rockhamton, Queensland Australia lives a life of constant pain, with his only relief coming with the risk of arrest.
He says he and hundreds like him in Central Queensland and all over Australia are suffering unnecessarily because marijuana is out of their legal reach due to outdated laws.
The 31-year-old has suffered for three years with neuro-orthopedic disorder, which, he says, causes him great pain and discomfort and results in a lot of sleepless nights.
But having gained relief from smoking marijuana in the past, Mr Price is now pushing for its legalisation in Queensland and Australia.
“The pain and discomfort I feel as a direct result of my condition is lessened quite a great deal by the use of cannabis,” he said.
“From the research I have done, I have found that not only the long-term effects of this product are quite preferable to the pharmaceutical drugs my doctor prescribes me, I have also discovered that alcohol and tobacco are way more dangerous to use; yet these drugs are legal and are used for fun by the general public.”
Mr Price said he began his campaign in May in the hope of helping others who live with chronic pain.
“I know a 90-year-old woman who grows a plant in her backyard and eats it because it's the only relief she can get,” he said.
“Anyone who is in this position is forced to go through the anxiety and stress of obtaining it illegally, with the threat of arrest and legal persecution constantly hanging over their head.”
Mr Price said he believed the Federal Government was in breach of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs treaty it signed in 1961 by outlawing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Queensland Health declined the opportunity to comment yesterday. However, information on its website states cannabis is a depressant drug and is also called grass, pot, dope, hash, mull and green. It is the chemical THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol) of the cannabis plant which affects people.
It says: “At present there is little evidence that occasional use of small amounts of cannabis can lead to long-term health problems, but there is evidence that regular or heavy use of cannabis does lead to major health problems.”
Long-term effects included risk of lung cancer, respiratory diseases and other conditions, it said.

What a crock you really have to love the fact that Queensland Health obviously have no idea of recent studies being done all over the world. They have been sleeping on the job I think. The Austraslian Government needs to smarten up its act instead of holding onto this bigotry dark ages approach to Marijuana which has benn proven to be less dangerous for you that Alcohol , Tobacco and even over the counter medications such as Tylanol.

Taken froman Article in The Morning Bulletin by Megan Lewis 11th July 2009


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I suffer from cancer, anxiety and OCD.

I have been to therapy and have recently started taking Aropax which has caused heart palpitations, severe weight loss and hasn't fixed the problems it was prescribed for!

Why is something that causes these kinds of problems so easy to get, yet a plant that helps/would help so many people illegal??

I don't want to have to break the law, but if I don't get help soon I might have to.

Please help people like me!

Cannabis Man said...

in the end its your life and you got to do what you got to do,

Anonymous said...

I am 29, and suffering from severe arthritis in the feet, legs, hips and lower back, caused by damage from sustained at work, which again is caused by laws that do not govern my profession properly. The motto is: "Do your work or we'll find someone who will". As I explained my condition to my employer, I got fired. He didn't want to be liable of any damages caused to my health, as an insurance claim would "taint his image" and cause "problems".
I am in addition taking stomach medication, as I have damaged my stomach lining with recommended anti inflammatory medication and pain killers which I took to manage my pain and function to the best of my capabilities.
I am now unable to take the medication, thus I experience the arthritic pain more severely than ever. I am unable to work in my profession, as I am unable to stand for extended periods of time, or bend my joints without severe pain that causes poor work performance. I do not receive any government funding despite my partial disability/inability to work due to illness, because under current legislation, I do not even qualify for it, as the department of human services essentially said I could "find another job elsewhere". I try to work temp jobs here and there but it is hard to find stable work outside my field of education, especially with a disability, as nobody seems to want to "hire a cripple" for similar reasons that have led to my initial employment termination.

For a long time I have smoked cannabis in order to cope with the pain and its effects, however got raided, found to be in possession of a small quantity under 2 grams, which has gotten me in legal trouble. As a result of this I stopped smoking cannabis in order to prevent another raid, which could result in me having a criminal record. Ever since I ceased smoking cannabis, the pain, and the psychological effects of my medical condition have become worse and worse, as I've become more and more depressed over the awareness that I'm a burden to my loved ones and friends, costing money and time as I'm unable to do a lot of things by myself.
I am waiting for surgeries, which could be a matter of years, to improve my condition, as I at least have a chronic illness treatment plan through Medicare, which is however not sufficient.

Bottom line is, I'm too young to qualify for proper government support, advanced surgeries, and most certainly too young to be a non functioning burden. The bit of help that didn't cause me health issues, the bit that didn't require me to take anti depressants and anti anxiety medication, and the bit that brought me at least a bit of joy into my life, has been taken from me, out of fear of becoming a "criminal".
I am in a state where the medication I take turns me into a zombie, unable to think, unable to even operate a motor vehicle to buy food for myself, with what little money I have.