Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cannabis Legalization Rally in Sydney, Australia

There is a Cannabis Legalisation Rally to be held on

7th September 2009 at the Powerhouse Museum,

500 Harris Street, Ultimo

NSW, Australia

People who want to attend should gather there at 9am.

The rally is being held to coincide with the NCPIC (National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre) 1st National Cannabis Conference, which appears to present a one sided view of cannabis.

We are asking people to wear their good corporate clothes if possible as we want to impress on the public that not all cannabis users or supporters are 'stoners' who lay about and do nothing, and have no ambition in life. A big part of changing the law involves changing the public perception of cannabis and cannabis users, and informing the public of the truth about cannabis and its effects on the human body.

We also welcome medical users, recreational users, and their supporters, family, friends and civil libertarians who support the idea of legalising cannabis.

more info at :

Facebook users are welcome and encouraged to join the
NCPIC -National Cannabis People's Information Centre

WE ARE ASKING PEOPLE IN SYDNEY TO PROMOTE THIS IN THEIR COMMUNITY ..... There are a selection of posters in PDF format on the above website. Please print the ones you like and distribute them to noticeboards or businesses to spread the word.

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