Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maryland Cop Says Legalize Drugs to End Violence

and more support from law enforcement When will Australia learn as Attorney General Michael Atkinson says Australia will not consider legalization even on medical marijuana what chance do we have in Australia for freedom with dickheads like this in power. We need a regeme change and get some men and woman into government that actually care about stopping the suffering going on in Australia. Stop this bull now you would be able to make billions while saving billions at the same time and be able to inject that into health care, hospitals, schools education, roads and transport, business lowered taxes else where my god the possibilities. We would be a completely independent nation. People are using these drugs because they choose to so why don't you stop acting like arrogant parents and wake up. Legalize Cannabis now Legalize and regulate all drugs help Australians instead of destroying them.
By Michael Davies

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