Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Legalize Cannabis in Australia, and stop the nanny laws and destruction of Australian family's

Legalize Cannabis in Australia, and stop the nanny laws and destruction of Australian family's

Australian laws have gotten out of control. Its not just confined to Australia there are ridiculous dangerous laws that are put in place by blind men in power who have lost sight of what the law is there to protect. We have turned into a society of 3 year old children where we are told you cant do this and you cant do that. Are we not supposed to be a free country are we not supposed to be adults capable of making our own adult decisions. I tell my daughter these things so she doesn't hurt herself because she is not knowledgeable to make these decisions for herself, is the government trying to say we are a society of incapable adults. Incapable of making our own adult choices that is exactly what they are saying. But like all things we are in a society that has no balls. There are few people in power that know what the right to do is that actually have the kahunas to do it. I have sent letters to Malcom Turnbull and Belinda Neil regarding these things and they ignore me. I am a tax paying, working, married family man does my opinion not count. Absolutely not.

Instead I like thousands of Australians live in absolute fear daily ( this doesn't include the ignorant who choose to ignore society until it destroys them too) fear that my freedoms will be torn away by a corrupt government that has laws in place that would tear my family and YOUR family's apart in the blink of an eye because you crossed their path. In the old time that would be considered an act of war. I consider it an act of war on my family and my personal well being. I keep to myself spend time with my family work i study and run multiple pro cannabis campaigns that i have created. But i live in fear every day that will get caught with marijuana on me, i fear that i will not be able to afford to buy more because of the price and quality of the cannabis going around. I live in fear of a seed baring plant that God has given me every right to have. Except the government has decided that they are smarter than us and that we absolutely cannot look after ourselves.

What they are doing is destroying lives not only by the war on drugs but the social impact, marijuana users are segregated by society because of government propaganda campaigns, that are based on the most ridiculous amount of information. Like the adds on television for marijuana "You Dont Know What it Will do". They trying to say that there is not enough information out there about a plant that has been around and used since the beginning of time. This is not to mention the Medical and Independent studies carried on world wide . Ill tell you what it will do to you it will HEAL YOU. It will heal your mind your body and your should and i have the medical evidence just like you do. It is everywhere but the Government does nothing while family and lives are destroyed by unjust government laws.

Stop the Nanny Laws all drugs should be legal and obtainable from shops, chemists, doctors or cultivated personally. And don't give me the bullshit that it will destroy society everyone is using these drugs already and they have every right to if they choose. Instead of spending millions on slander campaigns and court time and wasted parliament time, and prisons over crowded and hospitals overflowing. The money could be reinvested into areas that will be of benefit to society instead of trying to control us. If drugs where legalized they could be taxed and regulated. This would also provide massive revenue and forget drug dealers getting rich anymore that will be non existent which would also massively reduce crime.

This information is available to you, to them, and yet here we are our freedoms being stripped away daily. When will it stop. Who will stand up and do and say something. Stop the destruction of Australian lives and reform our drug laws immediately.

Continuing the fight for our freedom
By Michael Davies

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Anonymous said...

This is the most sensable thing I have ever read on the internet to date. It rings true on so many levels it's not funny. I feel that over the last 15 years at least, the goverenment {state and fed) has become so over ruling in so many ways I dont feel safe let alone free anymore. The sad part is, one cant help but feel the gov is more interested in revinue raising and useing the welfare of the people as a blanket to cover up there true intentions (big fat pay rises every year and huge retirment packages). Lets see what they ban next to profit from or will they just up the anti on taxes smokes $100 a pack(its bad for your health) , beer $500 a carton (stop kids binge drinking) or maybe just tripple fines and speeding tickets (its the holidays) so when you can't pay (because they already take more than half of your pay in tax inc gst and duties) you are thretened with prisson. What the hell are you suppost to do, not get a fine or ticket to start with, easyer said than done i'm afraid. It only takes a lapse in concerntration or for your mind to be someware else. It happens to every one no matter how hard you try, its the humman condition. How much further will they push us if nothing is done. We need some one to stand up and take charge, and maybee not as a party but some one to be an organiser of the people and take (peaceful) action like, don,t buy anything for a week (stocks and share makets will be affected also afecting the ecconmy) or every one stop work untill they crumble to presure (if your not working there not getting taxes or importing or exporting afects econamy and at the end of the day there wages and retirment packages)nothing short of nation wide action will fix the problem. this would take no longer than a week and they would have no choise but to conform. This is the question
WHO WILL STAND?...........