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An essay about Freedom

“An essay about Freedom”
By the Nimbin Bulldozer

This essay is about the failure of “The War on Drugs”, and the rise of the “Nanny State”.

*Overhaul the drug laws*
* Legalise bush pot*
*Print copies of this essay*
*Post to your local MP*
*Pass the essay to others*

Repressive policy is doing great harm by:-
*Tearing families apart
* Fostering distrust across the community
* Financial inburdenment of both private and public resources
* Destroying civil liberties

These and other adverse factors greatly out balance the perceived gains of trying to force a great mass of people to a government-approved mindset.

In sight is giving in the “essay” to:-
*Why people use drugs
* Why politics have failed to find a practical solution
* The need for drug law reform
* Reasonable comprise as to a solution

Society has changed, yet government is unwilling and / or unable to adapt.

We there for need to clearly show that it must.

Download, print out and send copies of the “essay” to all your friends and family, and everyone keep passing it on to others then, Everyone post copies to your local members of parliament, (State and Federal). SWAMP THEIR OFFICES WITH THE “ESSAY”
They must listen to the masses.
Send copies to the newspaper, TV, radio.

The Bulldozer’s own website is coming soon. Watch the Hemp Embassy webpage

An essay, about Freedom by ‘the Nimbin bulldozer’.

It is amazing to think that 40 years on from the late 60s hippy era, the legal status of naturally grown cannabis for recreational use in Australian society has basically remained static, despite the indisputable evidence of not one recorded death being attributed to an overdose of this much maligned herb.

This can only be regarded as a grotesque monument to the unenlightened belligerent obstinacy of successive alternating Governments of supposedly opposite persuasions; a truly remarkable lesson in classic irony for those who would thoughtfully reflect on the theory of ours being a democratic and free society; with the harsh reality of persecution for those who wish to indulge in the innocuous recreational pursuit of smoking ‘bushpot.’

There are those who wish to rely upon medical and statistical reports that, decade after decade, trumpet the results of ‘latest research’ that reveals hitherto undiscovered data conclusively showing the insidious effects of marijuana use.

It may be charitable of the proponents to this voluminous data, to compile copies and distribute some to the various cultures that inhabit African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian and Himalayan regions, whose customs have incorporated the use of bushpot (Ganga) and its resin, hasheesh, for both recreational and religious purposes for thousands of years.

What would they make of such research data?

There have also been studies done that, according to a recent report on the 6 o’clock news, by clinical trials and statistical research, have shown that schoolchildren who suck on slices of oranges during sporting events in fact, are damaging their health!

The safe option, as the reporter seriously held up a plastic bottle of man-made ‘ionised’, sugared, artificially flavoured and coloured ‘sports drink’ was to gibe the kids this healthy option to oranges!

But don’t worry about that, the confusion really started when some days later another reporter on the same news network came out with the breaking news that it has been scientifically shown that contact with plastics leads to in increased incidence of cancers, and it is safest to avoid the substance!


How many experts with conflicting, stupid, biased or ulterior opinion can ordinary people put up with, before common sense prevails?

Does it not occur to Parliament and the Courts that, the reasoning by which the decision to persecute a very large segment of the populace for bushpot ‘offences’ is equally based on confused, contradictory, outdated and out of touch data?

Were not 2 major World Wars fought and won, in the name of freedom? Only the gifted few top achievers are highlighted to us, the many, as a shining focus for our aspirations.

Most of us, however, by the very nature of our societies competitive social structure, most content ourselves with our ordinary lives and earning capacities, but still hope for both ourselves and our children’s sakes, to gradually improve our lot.

Most of us have had what might be called a relatively normal path to maturity, but there are certainly those amongst us who have suffered crippling disadvantage whether social, economic, physical, emotional or other.

Most people use drugs (and let us be very clear here, that alcohol is indeed a mind alterant drug) for a simple recreational pastime, without hang-ups.

Others, however, use drugs to numb emotional pain. Still others yet use drugs as an adjunctant to maintain seeming peer acceptance, thus to assist to bolster poor self-esteem. There are lots of reasons why people use drugs.

For a person unable to comprehend the seeming complexity of drug use in society, it is not necessary to look any further than to question why people drink alcoholic beverages… it is much the same.

It is reasonable to believe that in light of the constant barrage of propaganda that purports massive quantities of drugs in society, that there must correspondingly be large numbers of those who enjoy using recreational mind-alterant substances.

Does it therefore seem reasonable by this simple analysis, that a society that declares a ‘War on Drugs’ is, by the very logic of the circumstances, a society that declares war on a very large chunk of itself? Is this a wise and caring response to the seemingly complex issue of why such a large group have propensity to use (non-alcoholic) recreational mind alterant substances?

The blanket persecution of all, serves only to rub salt into the raw wounds of emotional pain, of those who are essentially self-medicating against existent mental anguish.

Why cannot Government get down to the business of genuine enquiry, compassion and healing, instead of busily showing an entire society who is boss?

It could be argued, that in a democratic and free society, a Government that persecutes that many of its constituents is in fact, in a moral sense, guilty itself if an act if criminality.

It could be, that the technological, reasoned and narcissistic reflection of ourselves that is constantly foistered on us by the various media is, in fact, serving only to focus attention on a shallow diorama; but beneath this at a much deeper level of reality lurks, for those pensive enough to observe, the visible murky bottom of a culture wracked by cruel xenophobic bigotry that constantly burdens the less glamorous and the emotionally disadvantaged?

The looming spectre of ‘the Nanny State’ grows ever larger with each round of ‘Bold New Laws’ introduced into Parliament, and ratified by both sides of those houses, each side ever eager to be seen by a single headline punching commercially driven media presentation to be even more pro-active than their ‘opposites’, in the ‘Wars on Everything.’

Thus, by this unashamed Parliamentary stampede that often tramples reason and truth underfoot, the true democracy of our society is parabolically plunging, to the eventual extermination of our personal freedom. We all then become the unwilling servants of a bureaucratic dictatorship.

Except, of course, for the few influential super-wealthy.

Cannabis was originally stigmatized 70 odd years ago and some of the reasons were:-

? A face saving artifice for the religious right-wing in America, after the failure of the prohibition of alcohol in 1933.
? The need by the then emerging man-made fibre industry to eliminate as much competition a possible, in its drive to optimise public acceptance of its approaching technology (it will be remembered that industrial hemp, the source of important fibres, is directly relation to psychoactive species of cannabis)
? The fact that in the 1930s, communists were accused of plotting to use cannabis to destroy the minds of Western youth, thus helping to achieve the stated ambition of world domination by Communist Russia

With this beginning, the demonization of cannabis continued to snowball. Reasons since added include the notion of cannabis being a ‘stepping stone’ to using ‘harder’ drugs.

There is much credence in that argument as saying that a social beer or wine drinker must necessarily end up a chronic alcoholic that ultimately progresses to drinking ‘metho.’

Historically, most significant changes in society that are vigorously opposed, include such factors as:-

? Vested interests to former circumstance
? A reluctance by many to acknowledge the NEED for change – (apathy)
? Risk of exposure to punitive action or ridicule
? Downright ignorance

All of these factors and many more, come into play, concerning societies current struggle to come to grips with the long demonstrated unstoppable tsunami of recreational mind-altering substances that are washing away the traditional position of alcohol as the ‘pressure relief valve’ to the human need of escape, for a brief time of the week, from the grinding realities faced daily by the common man.

Thankfully, we have right at our fingertips, a natural innocuous, non-addictive, easily procured and euphoric agent with little manufacturing requirement; “bushpot” to help safely fill that need.

But what are the ramifications for society, if it is not prepared to gracefully accept that recreational mind-alterant substances, beside alcohol, are nonetheless here to stay?

Well, we can certainly expect more of the same, but considerably multiplied.

The Nanny State, in its angry response to those naughty and disobedient constituents who continue to defy her authoritative decrees, must necessarily bolster even further her arsenal of weapons to win, at any cost, her ‘War on Drugs.’

Additional incentives will need to be availed to even further goad wife against husband, child against parent, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor in their scramble to ‘do the right thing’ and dob in their loved one or friend … ‘for their own good’.

Further incentives could involve a blanket media saturation campaign, with even simpler methods of dobbing that could include special postal type boxes outside schools and supermarkets, for the added ease, and anonymity of informants.

Most people don’t realize that each States present version of ‘The Crime and Misconduct Commission’ is, in reality, a permanent inquisition with total power to coerce, under threat of immediate lengthy incarceration, anyone it chooses, to answer fully and truthfully any question posed about anyone or anything. 9 months immediate jail is the usual penalty for refusing to answer.

Thus, the State can now, if it chooses, force wife to inform on husband, friend against friend and so forth in its drive to investigate crime. Any ‘crime’.

You may say ‘Oh, I’ve got nothing to hide’ but what if some unforeseen circumstance you least expected came up, and you were forced to attend a ‘star chamber’ investigation of a loved one, whether spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, offspring, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone else such organization saw fit? To be forced to betray your own flesh and blood, or suffer 9 months immediate jail for refusing to answer?

No Government has the moral right to force families to turn on each other, or face persecution.

That is a key reason why ‘the right to silence’ has traditionally been a central core entitlement of Australians, an acknowledgment that an individuals family is his core concern, not whether he need consider loyalty to the States questions to be a more important obligation.

The State has introduced this short-cut method of forced interrogation as a ‘quick-fix’ answer crime solver, because it finds it impossible to be able to commit sufficient resources to supervise, by the traditional methods of investigation by police, the mountain of laws that Parliament daily continues to add to.

So one of the considerations by Parliament, when it enacts laws, must include the responsibility to consider enforcement and its necessary funding requirement, as an integral part of the lawmaking process.

If it does not, the crunch comes and an overburdened police department, struggling to be able to recruit, train and mature the staff members to be able to properly, by codified methods, administer these ever growing laws, is obliged to go to the Parliamentary Minister to explain the problem.

What happens is that an easy out is opted for and, ‘Hey Presto’, some pointy-head thinks of a bold affirmative way to streamline the system, with the result being that special taxpayer funding is found and The Crime and Misconduct Commission, and its power to strip the average Joe of his ‘right to silence’, is born.

That price is then paid for by the citizens in the form of increased taxation, for the Parliaments luxury to be able to hold up for media scrutiny at the time of introducing ‘bold new laws’, that it is doing its job properly, and deserves to be elected at the next poll, thus multiply duping the voter.

So we then give away a basic human right, that was pulled out of a pool of blood of past sacrifices made by Australians now gone, and entrusted to us for both our benefit, and that of our descendants. By allowing this, we have betrayed those sacrificed, ourselves and our heirs.

So the answers forced out of us in a CMC star chamber represent, for the pensive, the embodiment of an enormous all encompassing act of betrayal of everything dear to us, by both sides of that inquisition.

And now, for the next round of resumption of our rights, ‘Criminal Bikie Gangs’ are facing the same style of drama, but this time the right of the ‘freedom of association’ is now being squandered in similar manner.

We are now therefore well on the way to being a totalitarian society.

Alarm bells are very loudly ringing across Australia now, because of these changes.

Perhaps a deaf Government does not hear them, but there are very many in society that do.

The resumption of citizen’s rights to association and silence, by a Government of the Occident, is a truly dangerous thing to have done.

Correction must now come from the masses, a loud unified shout of outrage, totally unmistakeable in its message to Government that a straying from its authorised role is not on.

The disturbing consideration of that spectre immediately raises the question, what else of equal revolution lies concealed by Government within its Agencies operations?

Why is Government so quick to introduce ‘Bold new laws’ but so slow to repeal the laws that are antiquated?

Why is our society only producing mediocre or even non-existent opposed debate within our houses of Parliament, to important social issues?

There is only one thing that will truly awaken Parliament to the reality that is nodding of at the controls, with the guard also dozing.

A unified shout from the common man is needed to awaken both driver and guard on this train, to the dangers that are looming as we all speed headlong into the future.

If the ‘driver’ and ‘guard’ are not vigilant, they both need to be thrown out of office and immediately replaced with others who can fulfill the responsibility in seeming fashion.

For a brief moment, whether right or wrong, Pauline Hanson showed promise to many of a capacity to take the controls, but she tripped as she tried to be seated and the freshly awakened driver and guard managed to retake the controls.

Another decade or more has elapsed, and again the driver and guard are nodding off. The Liberal/Labour ‘coalition’ that exists is a very tired pair.

Fresh blood is badly needed. Here speaks a common man.

Thank you for your time to listen to me, and God bless.


“the bulldozer" is a little old guy, well known and respected in Nimbin for his strong views to have bush pot legalized. His “title” bestowed on him does not related to violence in any way. He is a sixth generation Caucasian Australian, and was raised on a traditional broad acre wheat and sheep farm. Seriously bombed out of school in the late 60’s, and went hippy. Was ostracized and dis-inherited because of it. He has no further education beyond year 10. He now looks straight, but enjoys a smoke a few times a week in a sensible environment.

He thinks the outlook by parliament and the judiciary on the issue of drugs in society to be myopic, self- serving and totally offensive. He doesn’t smoke tobacco – is a minimal drinker. Not involved with “pill or powders”. Has a forbearer shot and killed as an unarmed stretcher- bearer in WW1, so he as an acute sense of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

He was filming a major full-length documentary/ movie about the corruption of the drug laws, intended for worldwide release when the cops rocked up (both QLD and NSW).

He and all his family (10 people) are now accused of growing in excess of six tonnes of bush pot, having no statements from them charged. The cops have falsified it into a “mafia style” melodrama of extortion, violence, depravity and greed, using an unfaithful and deceitful wife, “now ex wife”, which attempted to blackmail him in the first place. (Her salvation is now an indemnity for her central role).

He has then subjected to The Proceeds of Crimes Act, and totally ripped off in other ways by a necessary trusted person.

The Nimbin community knows the full truth, and it was briefly conveyed to all who attended the closing ceremony of the 2009 Nimbin Mardi Grass.

The consequent expressions of extreme goodwill by those who are now aware of this compendium, is extremely gratifying.

Thank you so very, very much.


*Overhaul the drug laws*
* Legalize bush pot*
*Print copied of the essay *
*Post to your local MP *
*Pass the essay on to others

Thank you again and god bless.

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