Monday, August 24, 2009

Cannabis reveals you to yourself!

"Cannabis reveals you to yourself!" Bob Marley said it and its true. If you don't like what you see then dont use cannabis and starting a downward spiral of destroying yourself. I smoked cannabis from the age of 15 my friends where doing it everyone was doing it. I had no issues with cannabis. But i didn't stick to that i dibbled and dabbled in all of it. My child hood was disturbed to say the least but if you did a study i think you will find their are many of us so i tend to never mention it, you cant change what others have done to you. I believe the damage lies in the society around the user, i smoked fine with no problems till i started trying harder drugs at 17 which ended in a 2 month binge awake on amphetamines smoking cannabis taking Ecstasy, acid, ketamine my mind lost control i hated who i was and i snapped into a drug induced psychosis that saw my mind damaged for over 3 years i abstained from all drugs after that and after 3 years i couldn't remember the last time i actually had a (flash back) feeling of discomfort that matched the feelings of terror at the time of psychosis. When i was 24 i injured my back at work, after 2-3 years of specialist treatments, scans, physio therapy, government prescribed opiates like (tramadol and oxycodone which absolutely ruined my mind over a short 6 month period), i was told deal with it you just have to live with the pain forever. So you cant take opiates forever they are dangerous so i suffered instead for a further 1.5 years.
6 years after stopping all illicit drug use I undertook treatment to rid myself of dreaded Hep Contracted during my drug use. Interferon and Ribovarin well needless to say the side affects destroyed me i had no where to turn except to my past i started using cannabis again very weary at first but with great success it helped me through the major discomfort of the hep C treatment and i found my back pain significantly reduce. After treatment obtained full time work again as an IT Technician and i continued to use cannabis for 2 - 3 more months then decided that i had better stop.
The only reason was it is too expensive and we (me and my wife) still believed a lot of propaganda so i stopped for 6-8 months and started having a bit of a bad time with life really my back hurt all the time i couldn't exercise because of it i had to quit my job i got fat so i decided to smoke again and it brought me back from the brink of reality's destruction upon my life right back up.
So i started to question what i had be told about the dangers of cannabis and found multitudes of evidence to support all the beneficial health affects that i received, to this date i have been smoking again daily with the greatest success i can actually do physical labor again my weight has come down my overall health has improved and i no longer worry about psychosis because my experience leads me to believe that for me my psychosis was based upon how mean and nasty a person i was back then and i knew it. Now i treat people how they treat me i have strong christian moral ethics and a deep respect for law and society. The current state of affairs would now punish me for providing for my family. What will happen to them if i am sent to prison for cannabis possession. If it where legalized it could be researched much more accuratley, with the funds from sales under regulation and control. I feel that as long as i like what i see inside then i should not suffer another psychosis..
End Cannabis Prohibition Legalize Cannabis in Australia

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good on you for your honesty and story good that your not worrying anymore all the best