Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sydney Morning Herald poll shows support for taxation and distribution of Cannabis

The Sydney Morning Herald holds political polls on just about every subject you can think of and i was greatly surprised when i saw the out come of a 2008 cannabis poll

Legalised cannabis and post offices : Where do you stand?

Legalise it and sell in post offices - 19%
Legalise it and sell in licensed outlets - 57%
Do not legalise it - 24%
Total Votes: 2261 Poll date: 06/05/08

I was surprised because i was only reading yesterday that the majority of Australians had dropped support for cannabis legalization , regulation and taxation. The story says that support has dropped but this poll and others have shown differently. see here ABC NEWS

I know this is a rather small poll but i like that because i used to work in Sydney and i found that a lot of very large business men wanted the set as their homepage on Internet Explorer. Sweet successful upper class promoting cannabis reform, nice.
By Michael

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Anonymous said...

Everybody must do their part,
the two most important reasons are this.

1. Allow people ACCESS to Cannabis to treat cancer when it is in it's early stages, they will have a higher success rate of recovering, chemotherapy is a crime against humanity.
only granting people use of Cannabis when terminally ill is still wrong, because by then the cancer will be too far developed.

2. Save the environment and deliver a crippling blow to corporate scum, RID THE EARTH OF THEIR FILTH this includes fossil fuel industries, destructive deforesters, pharmaceutical companies that have killed many people by aiding in prohibition of something that could have saved lives.
and to get rid of worthless anti drug businesses that leech VITAL money from the economy and US the taxpayers pockets.