Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Join the Australian Hemp Party, Its time to make a change


The Australian Hemp Party is looking for brave Australians that support cannabis reform. Now is the time to stand up and make a change for a better stronger Australia, cannabis legalization will provide thousands of new jobs, bring the economy out of a disastrous debt cause by the global economic crisis, Our environmental changes will surpass those of any other country its time for Australians to lead the way, Will you stand up and be counted.

Please don't join the HEMP Party unless you are willing to confirm your membership to AEC officials on the phone. If you are unfindable or unwilling to confirm membership, don't join, because it stuffs it up for the rest of us. Sorry, but that's how it works. Give us as many ways to contact you as possible to make it easier to confirm your membership with the AEC.


To join the HEMP Party you may not already be a member of another Australian political party. You must be currently enrolled to vote. Because the membership will be verified to ensure it is a legitimate political party with a genuine membership, you must be prepared to keep your electoral details up to date, and answer any query from the Australian Electoral Commission as to the correctness of those details. Twenty lucky members will be queried by the AEC to verify our membership.

Without a sitting member a party must re-register for each election. For registration to be successful, members must be committed, otherwise registration will probably fail. Please be strong. Please register, and keep your address up to date.

Print them out. Fill them in, matching your voter registration details. Then...

Return the form to: Mr G. Askey, 9 Frank Street,Lismore, NSW 2480 or HEMP Party, 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin, NSW 2480.

Return the form to: HEMP Party, 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin, NSW 2480.

Return the form to: Mr G. Askey, 9 Frank Street,Lismore, NSW 2480 or HEMP Party, 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin, NSW 2480.

South Australian MEMBERSHIP FORM
Return the form to: SA Hemp, PO Box 1019, Kent Town, SA 5071.

1. Membership is open to all people who;

1) are eligible to be enrolled on the AEC electoral role
2) support the aims and objectives of the HEMP Party
3) agree to accept the rules and regulations of the HEMP Party

2. To become a member of the HEMP Party;

1) complete the authorised form
2) pay any fee prescribed by the Federal Council
3) be accepted by a resolution of the Federal Council
4) a person may not be a member of more than one State Branch of the HEMP Party

Authorised by: Mr G. Askey, for the HEMP Party, 9 Frank Street,Lismore, NSW 2480.



TerjeP (say tay-a) said...

I wish the hemp party well in getting registered. It is a difficult process.

In the mean time people should be aware that the LDP (liberal democrats) are registered for federal elections and do have a policy of relegalising hemp in Australia. Specifically it is mentioned at the end of the Victimless Crimes policy.

Anonymous said...

the main promblem with hemp is that the world has made it seem wrong to par take in the consumption. and this hemp party must be a ploy to catch the dealers....think of all the lives that are affected...its only a drug because mankind makes it one...otherwise its just a product of a plant.