Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Will Kevin Rudd seriously consider Cannabis Reform

Lobbyists to ambush Rudd with giant joint

August 23, 2009 07:24pm

IF Prime Minister Kevin Rudd can't stop giggling, feels paranoid or overly hungry when he visits Lismore hospital, he'll know exactly what's to blame.
It could be the subliminal influence of a 10-metre inflatable joint, which drug legalisation lobbyists will use to try to get the prime minister's attention during his visit tomorrow.

Members of the Nimbin Hemp Embassy will gather outside the hospital with their trusty mascot, hoping to talk to Mr Rudd about what they say is a health issue - legalising cannabis in Australia.

The group's president Michael Balderstone says he hopes to appeal to Mr Rudd's Christian sense of compassion.

"I think he is a compassionate man and he is a Christian and what would Jesus say – we're talking about the best pain-relieving herbs on the planet," he said.

Mr Balderstone said young people in Nimbin are constantly targeted in police raids and suffer permanent consequences. Nimbin has become a centre for alternative culture after a new generation of people decided to settle there following the Aquarius Festival in 1973.

"I live and work in Nimbin and we've become this big backpacker place and ... (police) are busting a lot of young people," he said.

"And it's making no difference and they're just all getting criminal records for life.

"Politicians are quite sheltered in a way and what's going on out here in the street is a huge culture of people who have lost respect for the system, because these laws have criminalised them and made something that makes them feel good into an illicit act."

Mr Rudd has previously said he has never smoked marijuana and takes a tough line on drugs.,25197,25970304-12377,00.html


Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd has never used cannabis, so how would he know what is the best for cannabis laws, he needs to get the right people on the job as soon as possible to sort out the mess the country is in with its U.S.A. led drug war stance.Take cannabis out of the criminals hands and let the government take control.

Anonymous said...

yay for the comment above! I'd like the vending machines in LA. I think its only if you have a script and they have beefy guards,and people can buy their awesome packets!

Anonymous said...

Marijuana should never be legal only for people with health issues if it is true it helps. Legalising pot will only make australia worse, it will cause more hassels, its hard enough trying to stop people smoking ciggerettes around our kids Its gonna be harder trying to keep our kids away from bongs and lowlifes who smoke this disgusting drug.

Anonymous said...

Person who posted July 11: you have no clue what this 'herb' has done. It has revived the ill and strengthened the week. All you are is one of those who follows the line of conformity which is controlled by the government. And all the government wants is money from the drug companies that make crap which merely slows the symptoms for an amount of time. Please, to anyone who votes against, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Dont just fall for the governments ridicules lies of how its harmful, there has been no proven evidence of death, illnesses, or even pain caused by cannabis. It might not have to be legalized, but it should be decriminalized and made a medicine, which it already is. End prohibition!

Anonymous said...

No one has ever died from marijuana use...there has always been somthing else in the system of the person. It is an amazing natural medication and an amazing natural resource...its just a shame anyone in power is too stupid to see whats right in front of their faces! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!